Katalin Haász

HAÁSZ KATALIN 1971. Budapest                                                                                                                          katihaasz@gmail.com 


2013-Doctoral programme

1991-1997Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department, Master: Miklos Peternak

1989-1997Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Master: Dora Maurer

1985-1989College of Fine Art and Applied Arts, Budapest

Scholarships, awards

2013 (Stuttgart Budapest Galeria exchange program)

2011 Hungarian Academy in Rome

2007 Kristart – Main Award

2004 Scholarship in Cologne, Academia of Media Art,Department of Holography

Prize od Budapest Goverment in „Egyhetes” exhibition

2002 Strabag rt. Creative Support

2001  Salzburg (Budapest Galerie exchange program)

1992 London, Middlesex University, Computer Animation Department

Solo Exhibitions

2013 The Brief History of Time, Hungarian Cultural Institute in Helsinki

2013 Flowing Faces-Covered Painting, Hungarian Cultural Institute in Prague (with Gály Katalin)

2013 Távolodik, nem vész el, Pepita Ofélia Bar, Budapest

2012 Retina, B55 Galeria Budapest,(with Botos Péter and Halmi- Horváth István)

2012 Egy vázlatfüzet lapjai, Pepita Ofélia Bar, Budapest

2009 Virág Judit Galéria, Budapest

2008 Virág Judit Galéria, Budapest

2007 Fészek Galéria, Budapest

2004 St.art Galéria, Budapest

2003 Raiffeisen Bank Galéria, Budapest

2002 A.P.A. ! Galéria, Budapest

2000 Matt, Dovin Galéria, Budapest

1999 Collegium Budapest, Budapest

1992 Moon, Folyamat Galéria, Budapest

Group Exhibitions

2012 Osas plusz, Vasarely Múzeum, Budapest

Loop, Virág Judit Galéria, Budapest

2011 Paper panorama, Virág Judit Galéria, Budapest

Inventario, Hungarian  Academy in Rome, Italy

2010 Hommage a Baudelaire, Institut Francais, Budapest

VIKAT 30, Paksi Képtár

Dot, line in motion, Vasarely Múzeum, Budapest

2009 The world according to…, Hungarian Cultural Center, New York

Variations on lines, Hungarian Cultural Center, Warsava, Polland

Variations on lines, Hungarian Cultural and Scientifival Center, Helsinki,

 Ars Geometrica, Cultural Center, Pecs

Y Terminal, Dob Street, Budapest

2008 We see the world this way, Civil Közösségek Háza, Pécs

2007 Independent painting, Virág Judit Gallery, Budapest

2007 Gondolatok Párizs körül, French Institute, Budapest

2006 10 éves a STRABAG Painting Award, Ludwig Museum - Contemporary Art Museum, Budapest

2005 On the Move, A.P.A.!, Budapest

2004 One week, Kunsthalle, Budapest

2003 I. Stockholm Painting Bienalle, Stockholm, Vasby Kunsthall

1991 Effects - oil, Fészek Club, Budapest

Sun-sun Festival, Budapest

1992 Space visions I., Budapest Gallery, Budapest

1993 Tondo, Józsefvárosi Gallery, Budapest

Drawing, Polish Institute, Budapest

1994 Space visoons, Budapest Gallery, Budapest

1996 Gesture and gesture, Pécsi Gallery, Pécs

1997 Sanatorium 2., Artpool P60, Budapest

1998 Nice weather, Inter/media/art, Ernst Museum, Budapest

Black Money, Polish Institute, Budapest

1999 Special memories – Bloom days, Szombathelyi Picture gallery

Junge Malerinnen stellen stellen sich vor, Galerie Hellhof, Kronberg, D

2000 Galery by Night, Stúdió Gallery, Budapest

Bluebird Festival, Kalocsai Picture Gallery, Kalocsa

Média model, Kunsthalle, Budapest

2001 Repeat, Dovin Gallery, Budapest

2002 Strabag Rt. Painting Award Winners, Ludwig Museum, Budapest

Grouppicture, Ateliers Pro Arts / A.P.A.!, Budapest

Terülj, terülj asztal, A.P.A.!, Budapest

Works in Collections

Hypo Bank

Raiffeisen Bank

Hungarian Ministry of Foreign

Paksi Képtár

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